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Saturday, June 13, 2009

No-Fuss Reviews 2

Sick of music reviews that go on forever and ever? Tired of being bombarded with more information than you could ever possibly need? Fear not- I present to you my no-mess, no-fuss music reviews.
You get all that you need, without all the frilly bit you don't: Artist and Album Name (w
hich always helps), how I found out about them, or 'Hype', (so if you like the album, you can go to that site/magazine and find some more music to your taste), my thoughts (subjective, but concise), my rating (I'm quite a harsh marker), and an MP3 from the album, so you can get an actual taste of what the album's like. Get it? Got it? Good.

N.B- I know my music tastes are quite eclectic, but there are reviews for all sorts- from experimental jazz to hardcore- so hopefully there's something for everyone.

Dredg-Catch Without Arms

Hype: I saw it on this blog, and was drawn in by the mesmerisingly green cover.
Thoughts: Undoubtedly good, but I found it a little difficult to get into at first; it seeme
d to pick up after a few more listens.
Rating: 6/10
: Hungover on a Tuesday

Emmy the Great- First Love

Hype: I first downloaded the 'Edw
ard is Dedward' demo off the Skins website, when it was featured during the first series.
houghts: Pretty I guess, but the songs all sound very similar- it all gets a bit monotonous and repetitive; definitely not as strong as her earlier demos.
MP3: 24

Funeral for a Friend- Hours
Hype: Jeez, I can't even remember, Kerrang, perhaps?
Thoughts: Fairly wonderful- definitely on
par with their first album, 'Casually Dressed & Deep in Conversation', but single song quite rivals the sheer awesome-ness of 'Juneau'.
Rating: 8.5/10
MP3: History

Grammatics- Grammatics
Hype: I heard about them on Clash Mu
sic, which you should go check out.
Thoughts: I wasn't overly keen at first, but I've been wholly converted. It has a melodic, indie feel, but with a definite unique slant.
Rating: 8/10
MP3: Relentless Fours

Headlights-Some Racing, Some Stopping

Hype: Recommended artist on for Throw Me the Statue.
Thoughts: Quiet, tranquil, lovely- nothing to get overly excited about, admittedly, but easy on the ears and highly listenable.
Rating: 6/10
MP3: Market Girl

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