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Tuesday, June 09, 2009

Five Unsigned Acts to Watch

So, after posting 'Splitting Seams' by Ruby and her Whorses as the Song of the Day, I got to thinking about how many underrated, unsigned yet profundly brilliant acts there are out there, and how such acts hardly ever get the recognition they deserve. Thus, I thought it only fair that I introduce you to my favorite five- it's hardly a record deal, but it's a little bit of the recongition they so rightfully deserve.

Ellie Goulding
I've featured Ellie Goulding not-so-ago, as her cover of 'The Wolves' by Bon Iver was Song of the Day. Her own songs (such as 'Starry Eyed', below), are very, very different from this- she descirbes her sound as 'Indie-electro pop'- a bit of a deviation from Bon Iver, admittedly, but enchanting nonetheless.

Two Door Cinema Club
I can't imagine 2DCC remaining unsigned for long- they have that flawless indie sound that record labels snatch up, and are pretty good to dance to, which is always a plus as far as I'm concerned. A prime example of their danceability is 'Undercover Martyn', below.

Johnny Gallagher
Johnny was one of the original cast of Spring Awakening (I saw it before it came to the West End, at the Lyric Hammersmith- I loved it, and I'm really not a musical person), and fell in love with his voice after hearing the soundtrack. It's not just me- the guy's won a Tony award (which is a huge deal in the world of musicals). Away from the stage, Johnny produces the sort of pensive acoustic sound I love- this song's called 'I Thought Of You' (it's about thinking about someone else in the... ahem... throes of passion).

Holly Walker
Holly Walker was the singer of the late, great South London band, Sly Mr Fox. However, it's very unlikely you've heard of Sly Mr Fox, as they spent their brief-yet-spectacular career unsigned. Holly's own songs are very, very good, but since I'm still mourning over Sly Mr Fox, I've decided to post their song, 'Motorbikes' (which is on Holly's Myspace, here).

George Pringle
You either love or hate George Pringle's upper-class-spoken-word-over-a-background-of-electronica style; and I class myself as a lover. Either way, I implore you to listen to SW10 below- give her a try and make up your own mind.

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