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Thursday, June 04, 2009

Green-A-Rama! Pt. 3

Look 3: Layering That An Inuit Would Be Proud Of (Click Picture to Enlarge):

1. Denim Zip 80's Jacket, Topshop, £45.00

This Topshop denim jacket is undoubtedly fierce, but you probably won’t get away with the hoodie//jacket combination if you chose this particular item. Such a combination requires a roomy denim jacket, which tend to crazily massive//awful-looking, so I don’t what to do. I just don’t know, I just don’t know.

2. Prairie Underground Drainpipes, Beklina, $115.00

Skinny-as-you-like black drainpipes. Nice, simple, classic. I personally think these look better on a woman with a fuller calf- being ridiculously skinny, bottoms like this would make me look both spindly and breakable, which is never a good combination.

3. 'I Love Dallas Green' Pin, E-Bay, As Auctioned (On Model's Top In Picture)

What says ‘I love Dallas Green’ more than dressing exactly like him? A badge that actually says ‘I love Dallas Green’. Regrettably, I only briefly saw this badge on ebay a few months ago, and so I have no idea whereabouts in the world it is now.

4. City and Colour Ladies' Black Face Hoodie, Maple Music, $45.00 CDN

What says ‘I love Dallas Green’ more than dressing like him, but less than an ‘I love Dallas Green’ badge? A ‘City and Colour’ hoody, of course!

5. Laurence Dacade Caged Laced Boot,, £440.00

To distract you from jacket//hoodie related woe, fixate on these lovely shoes. They’re a little bit gladiator, a little bit lacy, and generally very nice. I’m not much of shoe person, but if I ever have 440 to hand, I’ll be sure to pick up a pair of these.

6.Satin Belted Top,, £24.50

This silky-sexy-top-thing is fairly cheap and fairly snazzy, and would sex up any hoodie//jacket related ensemble.

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