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Thursday, June 04, 2009

Green-A-Rama! Pt. 1

I’ve come to a sudden and brilliant and realisation; Dallas Green is a fashion icon.
Now, this has nothing at all to do with the fact I’m personally quite of Dallas, whose musical career seamlessly flits between post-hardcore (he’s the lead singer of Alexisonfire) and acoustic (his solo project, City and Colour (Dallas=City, Green=Colour, geddit?)). I do have a genuine admiration for his style- oversized glasses, serious body art and enough flannel shirts to make a lumberjack weep. So, embracing the ‘If-You-Can’t-Have-Him, Dress-Exactly-Like-Him’ mentality, I have below three of my favourite Dallas Green fashion concepts. And, if we dress identically, there’s always a chance he’ll be flattered, take pity on me and my pathetic-ness, and take me out to dinner, right? Right?

Look 1: Little Miss Lumberjack '09 (Click to Enlarge):

Love Is Blind T-Shirt, Tara McPherson, $24.99

You might be able to see in the picture that Dallas is wearing a white T-shirt underneath his lovely red shirt- in a strange part of my brain, I think he could actually be wearing this girls’ fitted Tara McPherson print shirt underneath. Tara McPherson is a truly awesome artist, and you should go check her work out- this particular print was also featured in Juno (it was on Juno’s bedroom wall)- trust me to notice these things.

Chuck Taylor All Star Big Plaid, Converse, $50.00

I want these Converse- they also match the turquoise and red of the Tara McPherson T-Shirt, and add to the whole lumberjack-y feel.

Wild Gal Glasses,, $11.99

These glasses are also from they have a strip of animal print along the top, to add a little extra foxiness to any look. Choose from lizard, tiger or zebra.

High Waist Denim Shorts, NoirOhio Vintage, Auction

Because you can never go wrong with a good pair of shorts. Unless you have really, really hideous legs.

Vintage Red Plaid Flannel, Rare Treasure, $24.00

I want this flannel shirt so badly. I’ve actually been dreaming about it- how I would stumble around house parties in this shirt and some cheeky little hotpants, looking casual yet cool. Alas, I shall inevitably have to let this shirt go, as there’s only one on Etsy, I don’t have a sufficient cash flow, and I kind of already have three flannel shirts.

MP3: City and Colour- Casey's Song

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