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Thursday, June 04, 2009

Green-A-Rama! Pt. 2

Look 2- “The Underwear Model” (Click Picture to Enlarge):

1. Costello Glasses,, $11.99
This look is not just so I get to stare at a picture of Dallas in his pants, although that is a nice incentive. It’s also a very easy look to recreate, should you ever fancy posing in your knickers whilst exposed to the elements. For example, these glasses are from, who have a whole range of quirky geek-chic classes; I also particularly like the crossword glasses.

2. Bridal Umbrella, Simply Umbrellas, £110.00 (Seriously)

Ok, so this umbrella is a little extortionate, even by my standards. However, this umbrella is actually diamond encrusted (yes, actually), so if you ever feel like blowing 100 quid on an umbrella, you know there’s quality assured. Then again, if I had 100 quid to spend on an umbrella, I might go for something a little less boring-looking. Then again, if I had 100 quid to spend, I don’t think I’d buy an umbrella.

3. Contrast Boy Pant, Topshop, £4.99

These Topshop pants are almost identical to his- think of how much more adorable you’d seem in matching underwear. Much more adorable, that’s how much.

4. October Knickers, Makool Loves You, $46.00

If you think having identical knickers might scare away young Dallas, there are always the October Knickers. They're still red, so they still match the look, and are made from scraps left over from other Makool Loves You clothes. A little expensive, but more than worth it for a good pair of kick-ass knick-knacks.

MP3: Sidewalks When She Walks

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