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Thursday, July 23, 2009

5 Fashions: The Notebook Edition

You might question it, but notebooks are very much a part of fashion- everyone who keeps a notebook has a different opinion on what a good notebook is. Some want precious leather ones to fill with their best writing and ideas; some want quirky, handmade books that are one-of-a-kind; some want them plain, so they can feel free to let their creative juices flow. Above are some of mine- as you can see, there's a mix of cheap (such a the Woolworths one in the bottom right corner, covered with pages f
rom Vogue) and beautiful (like the top right one, purchased from the Centre Pompidou. Here, I bring to you five different notebooks that are beautiful in their own way.

1. The Moleskine Museum Notebook
Start with the classic- a moleskine notebook is 'A simple black rectangle with rounded corners, an elastic page-holder, and an internal expandable pocket.' This simple, classic notebook has been used by the likes of Van Gough (above) and Hemingway- and even appeared in the film Amelie.
Nowadays, they come in all different sizes, colours, and for different purposes (such as writing, sketching and collecting). The museum sketchbook was launched in the Van Gough museum in Amsterdam, and are silk-covered notebooks with close-ups from famous paintings that come in seven brilliant shades.

2. Jane and Jeremy Envelope Books
If you're the sort of person who wants to fill their notebooks with things- receipts, postcards, cuttings- the envelope book is a must. The name says it all- the book is made from collected envelopes, in which you can store whatever your heart desires.

3. JungAe Burgundy Min
i Leather Journal
If hand bound leather journals are more your cup of tea, check out this exquisite journal. It has all the decadence of your straightforward leather journal, but the quirky binding and tie at the front give this book a character all of its own. Grab it for the meagre sum of $13.50- but be quick, there's only one left!

4. Marquand Editions Modern Handmade Blank Book Journal

For those who prefer a blank canvas to let their creative juices flow, Marquand Editions do wonderful, high-quality notebooks. In addition, all the notebooks are made from recycled paper, and also use a special stitching method that make the books lie flatter, meaning its easier to scribble and sketch away to your heart's content.

5. Yellow & Red Rescued Cover Journal
I love this journal- aside from being easy on the eye and made with good-quality paper, the covers are made from covers of books the binder found in the Discarded Book Bin at her local library. You have to agree that's fairly awesome- not only will you be getting a one-of-a-kind notebook with a story to tell, but you're helping to save that cover from certain doom at the hands of the library system.

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