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Thursday, July 30, 2009

Pointless But Oh-So-Funny Site: One Post Wonder

I've found another one!
I should probably get a life and stop seeking these cheap laughs, but for the time being, may I introduce... One Post Wonder!
One Post Wonder is a blog that aims to showcase the greatest (and funniest) blogs with only one post. A part of you will laugh at the pointless subjects the one-time bloggers discuss (and how tenuous a grasp they have of correct English spelling), and the another part will lament the extinction of these blogs, and leave you wondering what if they'd just carried on blogging...?
Case in point- (above), has the potential to be one of the blogging greats. A blog based entirely on one man's hatred of a shadowy and anonymous 'Mike' figure, the only post on this most glorious of coming-of-age journals/ social critiques reads:
mike is a stupid idiot
He thinks he has friends, but he doesn't because he is mean and hates people who have friends with cooler kids than him. I personally wanna die if he tried to be cool.
See what an inspirational, slice-of-life blog this could've turned out to be? No? Me neither.

(A quick whinge, however: I notice, despite the quality (or lack thereof) of, it has six comments. Six! I realise they're all from advertisers// people promoting their own blog, but six! That's more than I've ever had, and I've written 70+ posts! If there is anyone actually reading this blog, leave me a comment- say anything, really. It'd just be nice to know there's actually someone out there...)

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