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Thursday, July 30, 2009

Song of the Day: Vacationing People by Foreign Born

2009, thus far, has definitely been a year for 'freak-folk'. With bands such as Animal Collective and Grizzly Bear at the helm, the experimental and fantastical has come to the fore front of the indie music scene. And yet, it leaves some people cold- those that long for a distinguishable melody under smorgasbord of sound.
Step in Foreign Born. They still have that slightly experimental edge, and tunes that are the product of many layers of sound, but still have a tune; a melody. In short, they're bringing something new to the table, but you can still sing along at home.
The formation of Foreign Born began in college dormitory, where roommates Matt Popieluch and Lewis Pesacov made beautiful music together (but not in that way). Fast forward a few years, and with more musical experience under their belts, the pair unite again, this time with pals Ariel Rechtshaid and Garret Ray. Thus, over one very good weekend for music, Foreign Born were formed.
I'll be honest with you- the first time I heard 'Vacationing People' (below), I wasn't instantly dazzled. But I found over the next couple of days, it was a song I came back to time and time again. It's a largely faultless and very catchy song- but don't take my word for it. Click 'play' and see/hear for yourselves.

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