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Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Song of the Day: An Anniversary Away by Reverie Sound Revue

If you haven't heard of Reverie Sound Revue (and alot of people haven't), all you really need to know is that they're making waves with their self-titled album (released earlier this year), and that they're everything you've ever wanted from a female-fronted indie pop group. For instance, are you feeling disappointed with Metric's 'Fantasies'? Don't worry- it wasn't just you, it was another album by Metirc with a few solid songs smothered by instantly forgettable mindless pop melodies, or 'more filler than killer', as they say in the biz. Never fear, Reverie Sound Revue will take the edge off your heartbreak.
You want the basics- pretty, pitch-perfect yet still interesting vocals, talented musicians- but, at the same time, you're crying out for some originality, and a memorable musical experience. Look funo rther than Reverie Sound Revue- my pick of the female-vocalist indie pop groups this year so far- you won't be disappointed.
Also, a fun fact (I'm just a fountain of knowledge at the moment): al of the vocals and instruments for this album were recorded separately by band members all across Canada- from Vancouver, Calgary, Toronto and Montreal. They got details of lyrics and composition to each via e-mail. I thought this might make for a disjointed album, but I was pleasantly surprised. Check out 'An Anniversary Away' below:

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