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Wednesday, July 22, 2009

5 Fashions: "Summer Lovin'"

It's taken its time, but summer is finally here- a fact that might not make you rejoice.
It's the same old story- you promised this year, you'd get a tan, go on a bikini diet, and embrace the carefree look by going au
naturale with your hair and make-up. But your holiday's on the horizon, and you're still competing the Corpse Bride with your paleness, haven't lost the stomach and can't resist the call of the straighteners. Fear not- I'm here to help.
This edition of '5 Fashions' will look at the hottest summer trends- and how bending the rules with help you pull them off without looking like a complete loser.

Look 1- The Structured Dress
Aah, the Structured Dress, that old foe. Magazines keep saying how brilliant they are, and how they will turn any woman into an instant hourglass goddess. Lies upon deceit upon lies! Unless you're already rocking an hourglass figure, they can go- well, pear shaped. Carrying a slight bit of weight around the middle? No chance. A little lacking in the chest/hip department? Forget it. That is, unless, you cheat.
Rather than opting for the type of bodycon dress that is so skin-tight that you'll have to be cut out of it, or accentuates your every lump and bump, opt for a simpler, cleaner line. The Eve Dress on the left (Snoozer Loser NY,
$110.00), has the classic two-tone look of a bodycon dress, but the simple silk body leaves a little bit more to the imagination. This particular dress also has the block-colour and slightly boho look about it as well, so is bang on trend for the summer.
For those of you blessed with a perfect figure, the possibilities are endless, but Rebbecca Torres has an amazing range of bold, geometric bodycon dresses (such as the 001, right, $110.00) that will make the most of your figure.

Look 2- Nautical
Nautical is one of my favorite looks this summer- bold patterns, muted colours, and a touch of burlesque (which I've previously proclaimed my love for).
However, if you're a little bit scared about looking like a sailor, downplay prints are stick to one key nautical item per outfit- subtle hints of the sea can be found at Zara, such as the T-shirt above left, which I grabbed in the sale for a fiver.
If you're feeling adventurous or want to embrace your inner burlesque dancer/ sailor, check out the beautiful dress above right (Market Publique, current bid $32.00). It's on auction now, but only has a few hours left, so be quick!

Look 3- Floral
Anything and everything floral is always a big summer hit. Colourful and carefree, there is a floral to suit every shape and size.
As with nautical, it's best to stick with one key floral piece per outfit, to avoid being too much of an eyesore. Similarly, rather than going for a busy print 'explosion-in-a-florists' dress, try going for a more subtle print- such as Miss Selfridges' floral dress (above left, £20.00).
To really stand out, you could always opt for the colourful Alice & Olivia Dress (above right, £370.00)- and there were also some notable floral pieces in my last 5 Fashions: Miss Candy Twist.

Look 4- Nude
Sick of seeing teens swanning around in garishly bright floral dresses? Not to worry, nude is here for you. Overshadowed by the brighter, bolder trends, the nude palette has been sneaking onto all of the pre-autumn runways.
To make it work for you, go for playful pieces in light pinks of creams rather than delicate items in off-white; you run the risk of looking too washed out and too fragile. This light pink dress (Chick Downtown, left, $440.00) ticks all of the boxes and won't make you look ill.
For the less pale/breakable readers, take a look at this gorgeous silk dress (Lotta Stensson, right, $80.99)- delicate never looked so damn good.

Look 5- Block Colours
Block Colours are a minefield of potential fashion disasters- clashing colours could make you look like a loser, colours to similar will have no impact, too bright and you'll be washed out, too light and you'll be unnoticeable and washed out- it's a tricky one to gauge.
In order to pull this one off (danger-free)- cheat. They might not technically be colours, but black and white are decadent and will never go out fashion. You can't go wrong with dresses such as the block jersey dress on the left (Asos, £35.00)- and there's no chance that you'll go unnoticed.
If you must try this one out properly, I am quite fond the Topshop skirt on the right ($65.00), but be careful what you pair it with.

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