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Thursday, July 23, 2009

What We Missed Out on at... Latitude

I think I've whinged on already about how I want to be Latitude, roaming the fields whilst listening to Regina Spektor, Ladyhawke and Manchester Orchestra. As Click Music put it:

"Latitude always manages to retain its boutique atmosphere while attracting the big names, and the big crowds. The event never fails to impress, and an entire weekend could easily be spent wandering around the lake and in the woods away from the main stages, with surprises and unexpected treats to be found everywhere. This year's festival-goers are greeted on Thursday evening with a pretty display as they cross the bridge from the campsite to the main arena in the twilight hours. A huge water fan is sprayed, with a giant pink sheep and Latitude logo projected onto it, with the sheep being an integral part of this back to nature festival. Many an hour can be spent idly staring at the pretty pink and green dyed creatures as they roam the park."

Oh, it sounds too perfect. Note to self: save up and go next year.

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