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Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Dirk Auer...

... is quite clearly a madman. He spent over 110 hours making custom-built, 16-wheel rollerskates so that he could skate around an 860-metre rollercoaster track in Stuttgart. See? Madman.
Fair play on him, though- he did break a world record with his daredevil (i.e stupid) stunt, and average at a speed of 90mph.
Of his recent shenanigans, Auer said: 'this was a very dangerous stunt because there were so many factors to consider - if the skates were to catch a stray nail then I could have fallen and I would almost certainly have died.'
Maybe I'm alone on this opinion (as rollercoasters make me puke violently- nice, I know), but this might not be a stunt I'll be attempting any time soon...

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