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Monday, July 13, 2009

Song of the Day: Dance Anthem of the 80's (Bodytime Remix) by Regina Spektor

I'm always a little dubious about covers (then again, I'm a little dubious about anything musical- remixes, covers, the longevity of Lady Gaga's wardrobe)- you can get remixes that are amazing to dance to, but don't stand up as credible songs outside of nightclubs, and (of course) you get remixes that sound shite in any location. However, my reservations about The Remix have been thrown to the wind by this little gem- a remix of Regina Spektor's 'Dance Anthem of the 80's' by Bodytime is rather brilliant, in my opinion- then again, anything with the words 'Dance' and 'Anthem' in the title is crying out for a good remix- and what a remix this one is. Enjoy.

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