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Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Song of the Day: Recent Bedroom by Atlas Sound

Atlas Sound's upcoming record, Logos, is one of those records that the more you hear about it, the more exciting it sounds. Case in point:
Soundbyte 1: Atlas Sound is an experimental solo project by Deerhunter's Bradford Cox- so a name you can trust.
Soundbyte 2: It will contain collaborations with Panda Bear (Animal Collective's Noah Lennox) and Laetitia Sadier (of Stereolab). Getting excited yet?
Soundbyte 3: Cox said of the album: 'My last album was a bedroom laptop type thing. Very introverted. Logos is an album that was recorded all over the world. It's not about me. There are collaborations with other musicians. The lyrics are not autobiographical. The view is a lot more panoramic and less close-up. I became bored with introspection' Very progressive sounding, don't you think?
Soundbyte 4: If none of this has impressed you, I'll let the music do the talking- here is 'Recent Bedroom', from Atlas Sound's previous alubm, 'Let the Blind Lead Those Who Can See But Cannot Feel'. Enjoy.

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