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Monday, July 27, 2009

Eileen's 'Could-Go-Either-Way' Upcoming Film Picks

Welcome, one and all, to Eileen's could-go-either-way upcoming film picks!
Before we begin, I should probably explain what I mean by could-go-either-way:

'Could Go Either Way': (adjective):
1. A term used to described an object, situation or idea with an indefinite outcome; that is to say, the reception and consequences of such an object, situation or idea, could be really awesome or remarkably shitty.

So basically, I pick two films that could either end up being an amazing film experience, or could just be a steaming pile of turd. It's really up to you to decide which one you think is going to be a success, and which one a failure- and I'd love to hear your thoughts. Ok, so for your viewing pleasure today:

1. Whip It!'Whip It!' is set to become next year's cutesie-indie pick, a la 'Juno' and 'Nick and Norah's Infinite Playlist'. Directed by Drew Barrymore (interesting, you say), 'Whip It!' tells the tale of "indie-rock loving misfit" Bliss Cavendar (Ellen Page, everyone's favorite cutesie-indie-postergirl), who finds acceptance in a group of punk-rock derby roller girls. It's billed to be the next touching, coming-of-age film about finding acceptance and love. Aaw.

1. Drew Barrymore is fairly awesome, and could turn out to be a half-decent director.
2. The roller derby element does add something new to the mix- it's based on the book Derby Girl, by Shauna Cross- if you like books about derby girls (and who doesn't, really?), you should check out the awesome graphic novel: 'True Tales of Roller Derby: Doppelganger at the Hangar'.
3. Ellen Page has blue hair for a portion of this film, which rocks.
4. There is a very minuscule chance this could have a sort of 'Lords-of-Dogtown-for-chicks' kind of vibe. Obviously, it isn't going to be a powerful story about the conception of modern roller blading (as Lords of Dogtown was, only with skateboards), but it could possess the same sense of camaraderie and acceptance.

1. It does look like the kind of overdone, unoriginal cutesie-indie film that has been plaguing our screens alot lately.
2. I think Ellen Page is in danger of becoming the new Michael Cera: good for a laugh, and in some pretty awesome films (Page: X-Men 3, Cera:Superbad), but ultimately they seem to play themselves in every film they're in.
3. The title's fucking atrocious. Note: if you want to find out more about this film, be sure to type 'Whip It! Movie' into Google- I dread to think what might come up if you just typed 'Whip It'.

2. Jennifer's BodyNow, for something completely different- 'Jennifer's Body', a teen slasher film. It stars Megan Fox as a man-eating cheerleader who likes to torture and kill boys in her spare time, and Amanda Seyfried as Fox's protegee who vows to end her killing spree.

Megan Fox AND Amanda Seyfried? Even being a straight girl, I can understand the appeal of that.
Amanda Seyfried is a fairly decent actress- and I love her glasses in the trailer.
Nobody's really expecting this to be amazing profound- as long as it delivers enough gory fun, I'll be happy.
It's written by Diablo Cody- although I wasn't overly smitten with 'Juno', she is fairly cool, and I hope she brings something new to the scary teen movie format.
The title is also a song by Hole, which is a good omen.

Megan Fox. I understand she's one sexy chica, and does try to act, but for me, show always seems a little vapid and soulless. I also fear this is just going be another case of Transformers 2: 2 hours of Megan Fox in very low-cut tops, sprawled over motorbikes, running in slow motion, and generally being more provocative than a hooker on a Friday night.
High school setting? Check. Sexy as hell, man-eating cheerleaders with a dark secret? Check. Been done a million times before? Check.
The soundtrack features alot of wemo-y bands that all sound quite similar: Panic! at the Disco, All Time Low, Cobra Starship...

Which one will be the victor in "Eileen's 'Could-Go-Either-Way' Upcoming Film Picks?" Only time will tell.

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