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Saturday, July 25, 2009

Song of the Day: The River by Anathallo

If you're looking for some cheery summertime music with depth and originality, look no further than Anathallo. The septet who hail from Mt. Pleasant in Michigan use all of your everyday instruments (horns, guitars, drums, piano, bells...) as well as a few found sounds (chains, balloons, velcro strips, stomp boxes, and pipes) and their seven voices to create their vast and beguiling sound. And it's a sound that has won them great acclaim- Paste magazine described seeing Anathallo live as "cacophonous and dizzying, but simultaneously tender and gripping without any trace of sentimentality. Anathallo nestles itself somewhere between Ian MacKaye’s DIY ethos and Sigur Rós’s pointed emotionality." And I couldn't agree more- tracks such as 'The River', below, are superlatively composed, gripping, and encompass the noteworthy talent of all seven band members, whilst still being approachable- everything you could possibly want from a song. Check it out.

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